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1.Weirun has a complete and scientific management system for automobile parts and components. Shandong weirun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation. Our company is a professional friction material production company. The main products are various types of brake linings. It is suitable for all kinds of minitype, light and heavy-duty special agricultural vehicles, buses and construction machinery vehicles at home and abroad. The company with complete testing equipment, strong technical force, to ensure the stability of product quality, technical indicators are in line with gb55763 — 2008 standard. And through the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, the enterprise in recent years developed a new brake King ceramic 907 high-quality non asbestos and gold products. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, smooth braking and no noise.

2.Quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Without quality brand building, it is impossible to talk about it. Weirun company pays attention to quality, regards quality as life, and regards quality as human quality. We constantly enter into, research and develop, improve and improve product formula and manufacturing process. We are careful in selecting materials, selecting material suppliers strictly, and also have a set of systematic standards for the inspection of incoming materials, The company’s equipment mold occupies the industry peak point, gathers the top talents, manages and controls each detail strictly, strictly controls the product quality, the product has the brake nimble, the service life is long, the comfortable feeling, does not hurt the pot, the noise is small, the environmental protection

3.we can produce accoring to the customers’ drawing, accept ODM and OEM.
It is mainly used for luxury buses, large and medium-sized buses, bus customers, overloaded heavy vehicles and customers with high requirements for product performance.

Weirun Brake lining  
No. REF # Picture Specification Holes Application FOB Qingdao price(USD/pc)
asbestos non-asbestos
1 19495 Weirun Brake lining137 17/12.5mm X 183mm X 178mm 10 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
2 19094 Weirun Brake lining198 17.5/11.5mm X 198.5mm X 202mm 10 BPW, DORSEY    
3 19369 Weirun Brake lining256 18.5/11.5mm X 194mm X 219mm 12 ROR, YOKE    
4 19032 Weirun Brake lining310 17.5/11.5mm X 180.5mm X 205mm 10 BPW     
5 58342-83400 Weirun Brake lining434 17.3/10.3mm X 185mm X 207mm 13 HYUNDAI BUS 937 (REAR)    
6 19370 Weirun Brake lining488 18.5/15.5mm X 195mm X 219mm 12 ROR, YOKE    
7 19581 Weirun Brake lining550 17.5/7.5mm x 217mm x 222mm 10 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
8 19933 Weirun Brake lining594 19mm X 234mm X 254mm 16 SCANIA    
9 19932 Weirun Brake lining639 20mm X 203mm X 239mm 16 SCANIA    
10 19488 Weirun Brake lining639 18/16.3mm X 185mm X 222mm 8 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
11 58144-55000 Weirun Brake lining706 12.5mm X 178mm X 110mm 8 HYUNDAI BUS    
12 58143-83400 Weirun Brake lining763 18.5/16mm X 184mm X 155mm 11 HYUNDAI BUS 937 (FRONT)    
13 19494 Weirun Brake lining830 18/14mm x 178mm x 160mm 9 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
14 17161 Weirun Brake lining889 19mm X 193mm X 127mm 8 SCANIA    
15 19075  Weirun Brake lining933 19mm X 193mm X 178mm 12 SCANIA    
16 19393  Weirun Brake lining972 19mm X 193mm X 203mm 12 SCANIA    
17 19496  Weirun Brake lining1023 18/14mm X 178mm X 222mm 10 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
18 19094  Weirun Brake lining1083 17.5mm/11.5mm x 202mm x 198.5mm 10 BPW, DORSEY    
19 58343-83400  Weirun Brake lining1150 18/15.5MM X 185MM X 207MM 14 HYUNDAI BUS 937 (REAR)    
20 19487  Weirun Brake lining1216 17/12.5mm x 178mm x 182.5mm 8 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
21 19486  Weirun Brake lining1279 18/13.5mm x 180mm x 163mm 8 MERCEDEZ BENZ, MAN    
22 19036  Weirun Brake lining1334 18.5/11.5mm x 189mm x 178mm 12 DYSON, ROR    
23 19384  Weirun Brake lining1390 19.0/13.8mm X 178mm X 195mm 12 VOLVO    
24 58344-55000  Weirun Brake lining1453 12.5mm X 178mm X 150mm 10 HYUNDAI BUS    
25 19037  Weirun Brake lining1505 18.5/11.5mm x 185mm x 178mm 12 DYSON, ROR    
26 19931  Weirun Brake lining1555 19mm X 237mm X 178mm 16 SCANIA    
27 19887  Weirun Brake lining1606 18/12mm x 178mm x 188mm 12 FORD    
28 41039-Z5001  Weirun Brake lining1646 11.5mm x 95mm x 142mm 6 NISSAN    

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