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  • 1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

    1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

    ● Fast welding speed, 3-5 times faster than traditional welding.
    ● The welding seam is smooth and uniform, without bubbles, and the welding penetration is large, without grinding.
    ● Smooth and beautiful, no deformation, no blackening, firm welding.
    ● According to processing requirements, spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, etc. can be used.
  • Telescopic hydraulic cylinder for LED screen truck
  • Piston Hydraulic Cylinder

    Piston Hydraulic Cylinder

    Product Detail: 1.Hydraulic cylinder bore The cylinder bore will be choosed according to the work pressure, work temperature, work situation and other special requirements. 1.1 Cylinder Tube:cold drawn precision seamless steel tube,hot rolled seamless steel tube,forged tube. 1.2 Tube Material: SAE1020(20#) , SAE1045(45#) ,16Mn(Q345B),27SiMn,etc. 1.3 Surface Roughness:R0.16-0.32μm 1.4 Inside Chromating:If necessary,inside tube will be chromated. 2.Piston rod 2.1 Rod Material:35#,SAE1045(45#)...
  • Hydraulic Flap Telescopic Cylinder

    Hydraulic Flap Telescopic Cylinder

    Product Detail Hydraulic flap is a kind of modern material unloading equipment. As long as it is backed up, it can automatically and directly unload materials. The unloading efficiency is very high and the dust is less. The dumper needs to start the hydraulic station motor to make the pressure arm rise to a high position, and then a fully loaded gondola car is pulled by the heavy wagon shunting machine, and it is located on the car supporting beam of the dumper. The back plate vibrator is pus...
  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    Product Detail The working principle of the hydraulic jack is that the wrench drives the small piston upward. The oil in the oil tank is sucked into the lower part of the small piston through the oil pipe and one-way valve. When the wrench is pressed downward, the small piston is blocked by the one-way valve. The oil in the lower part of the small piston is pressed into the lower part of the large piston through the internal oil circuit and one-way valve, and the lower part of the small pisto...
  • Hydraulic Station

    Hydraulic Station

    Product Detail  hydraulic station 1. Classic hydraulic control system, energy saving and environmental protection green design. 2. Rigorous process design ensures high energy utilization. 3. Low noise, no leakage. 4. The main components are international famous brands, safe and stable system. 5. Compact structure, powerful power, high working frequency. 6. All components ensure good interchangeability and high startup rate.    Maintain It is an important measure to control the oil pollutio...
  • Hydraulic Power Unit

    Hydraulic Power Unit

    Product Detail Hydraulic power unit is a micro integrated hydraulic station. It is composed of motor, oil pump, integrated valve block, independent valve block, hydraulic valve and various hydraulic accessories (such as accumulator). Compared with the conventional hydraulic station with the same principle, it has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, no leakage and low price. At present, this product has b...
  • Truck Brake Lining

    Truck Brake Lining

    Product Detail 1.Weirun has a complete and scientific management system for automobile parts and components. Shandong weirun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation. Our company is a professional friction material production company. The main products are various types of brake linings. It is suitable for all kinds of minitype, light and heavy-duty specia...
  • HSG01-E Series Hydraulic Cylinder

    HSG01-E Series Hydraulic Cylinder

    Product Detail HSG type engineering hydraulic cylinder is a double acting single rod piston type hydraulic cylinder, which has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, buffer device and various connection modes. It is mainly used in construction machinery, transportation, shipping, lifting machinery, mining machinery and other industries.    Research and Design 1.Our company has 6 engineers with 20 years, 40 years of...
  • Car Jack

    Car Jack

    Product Detail 1.Structure of scissor jack It consists of a base, a pair of lower supporting arms, a pair of upper supporting arms, saddles, plane bearings, nuts, cradle, pin shaft and screw rod. The edges of a pair of upper supporting arms are turned inward into stiffeners, and their ends are formed into gears and meshed; the edges of a pair of lower supporting arms are turned outward into reinforcing ribs, and the ends are formed into gear wheels and meshed. 2.Principle of scissor jack The ...
  • Truck Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

    Truck Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

    Product Detail 1.Telescopic hydraulic cylinder is also called multi-stage hydraulic cylinder. It is composed of two or multi-stage piston cylinders, mainly composed of cylinder head, cylinder barrel, sleeve, piston and other parts. There are inlet and outlet ports a and B at both ends of the cylinder barrel. When the oil enters port a and oil returns from port B, the first stage piston with larger effective area is pushed, and then the smaller second stage piston moves. Because the flow rate ...
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