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1.It is mainly us   ed for large and medium-sized excavators. It is suitable for the conditions of the maximum pressure of 350 kgf / cm ^ 2 and the temperature of – 20 ℃ – 100 ℃ (the specification of cold area is – 40 ℃ – 90 ℃).

Main Features

2.a. Small size, light weight and high strength: the material selection, processing technology and welding technology of the cylinder body and piston rod are adopted according to the strength, fatigue design and adaptability according to the load frequency analysis, and the ultrasonic flaw detection is adopted as the high-pressure specification to realize the small-sized, light-weight, high-strength and high reliability.

b. Sealing system: the seal ring made by NOK of Japan and Parker of USA, which can overcome the service conditions of civil engineering and construction industry, as well as the unique sealing system design of our company, can prevent sand dust, reduce oil leakage and obtain the best oil film of piston rod.

c. Cylinder block: the inner surface of the cylinder block manufactured in accordance with the appropriate strength and size has achieved good roughness and surface hardness and improved wear resistance after rolling.

d. Piston rod: on the basis of high frequency quenching, the rust resistance, wear resistance and damage resistance are improved by nickel hard chromium plating. In addition, CNC rolling ensures the uniform and high finish of the surface, thus ensuring the good oil film on the surface and improving the product life.
Working principle of hydraulic cylinder:
The work of hydraulic cylinder is the same as before. The most basic parts are exhaust equipment, buffer equipment, sealing equipment, piston rod and piston, cylinder head and cylinder barrel. After more than 10 years of industrial research, it is found that the working principle of each cylinder is almost similar. It is illustrated with manual Jack that the jack is a relatively simple oil cylinder. Through manual pressurization, the hydraulic oil enters the oil cylinder through a single valve, and the hydraulic oil in the oil cylinder cannot be reversed due to the single valve. Force the lever upward, and then continue to make the hydraulic oil continue to enter the hydraulic cylinder. In this way, the lever rises continuously and completes its work. When it is necessary to lower, open the hydraulic valve to make the hydraulic oil return to the mailbox. This is the simplest working principle, and other improvements are made on this basis



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