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Hydraulic Station

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hydraulic station
1. Classic hydraulic control system, energy saving and environmental protection green design.
2. Rigorous process design ensures high energy utilization.
3. Low noise, no leakage.
4. The main components are international famous brands, safe and stable system.
5. Compact structure, powerful power, high working frequency.
6. All components ensure good interchangeability and high startup rate.

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It is an important measure to control the oil pollution and keep the hydraulic system clean.
Controlling the temperature rise of oil in hydraulic system is an important link to reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency. If the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of a mechanical equipment changes in a large range, the consequences are: affecting the oil absorption capacity and volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump; the system is not working normally; the pressure and speed are unstable; the action is unreliable; the internal and external leakage of hydraulic components increases; and the oxidation change of oil is accelerated.
Control hydraulic system leakage. Prevent vibration and noise of hydraulic system. Strictly implement the daily point inspection system. Strictly implement the regular fastening, cleaning, filtering and replacement system.
How to customize hydraulic station:
General pressure and flow is OK, and other working conditions, such as: oil temperature requirements, oil cleanliness requirements, pressure pulsation size, noise level, working requirements (long-time work or interval work), installation space size, etc

The general hydraulic system needs to be equipped with a hydraulic station to hold the medium. As a part of machinery manufacturing, hydraulic system is required for many industrial equipment involved. The main industries are: metallurgy, steel, cement, building materials, power, transportation, port, aerospace, petrochemical and other industries.

1.Our hydraulic cylinder passed ISO2000 and CE certificate.
2. Our hydraulic cylinder passed Clean production standards, environmental protection acceptance technical specifications, environmental labeling product standards, environmental protection product technical requirements, environmental protection engineering technical specifications.

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