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Hydraulic power unit is a micro integrated hydraulic station. It is composed of motor, oil pump, integrated valve block, independent valve block, hydraulic valve and various hydraulic accessories (such as accumulator). Compared with the conventional hydraulic station with the same principle, it has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, no leakage and low price. At present, this product has been widely used in automobile engineering, automobile maintenance equipment, machine tools, warehousing logistics, medical equipment, construction machinery and production line control and other industries. It is gradually recognized and designed by more and more technical personnel.
The hydraulic power unit can realize the principle and performance requirements of various hydraulic circuits, and can also be developed, designed, manufactured and assembled according to the specific requirements of users.


Industry type – the type of application industry. For example: automobile maintenance industry, (QB), etc
Product type – use equipment only.
Motor voltage – AC110V; AC220V; AC230V; AC240V; AC380V; ac415v; ac450v; AC660V; DC12V; DC24V;DC36V;DC48V;DC60V;DC72V;DC144V;
Motor power AC–0.04kw; 0.06kw; 0.18kw; 0.37kw; 0.55kw; 0.75KW; 1.5KW; 2.2kW; 3.0kw
DC: 0.6kw; 0.8kw; 1.2kW; 1.6kw; 2.0kw; 2.5kW; 3.0kw; 4.0kw; 5.5kw
Oil pump displacement – 0.35cc/r; 0.45cc/r; 0.6cc/r; 0.8cc/r; 1.0cc/r; 1.2cc/r; 1.6cc/r; 2.0cc/r; 2.5cc/r; 3.3cc/r; 4.2cc/r; 5.8cc/r8cc/r;10cc/r;12cc/r;14cc/r;16cc/r;20cc/r;25cc/r;32cc/r;36cc/r;40cc/r;45cc/r;63cc/r
Tank shape volume shape -  square (f); round (y)
Volume (L) – 1.0; 1.5; 2.0 1000L
Material – iron; plastic
Control voltage – S (manual control); DC12V; DC24 V; DC48V; AC24 V; AC220 V
Installation mode – vertical; horizontal; side; inverted
Oil outlet size – M14 X1.5; m16x1.5; m18x1.5; M22x1.5; m27x2; m33x2; G 1 / 4; G3 / 8; G1 / 2; G3 / 4; G1

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